After decades of oblivion and degradation, agriculture is strongly returning on the scene, thanks to a series of contingent reasons (increased need for food, energy and climate changes). In the past we thought to be able to minimize the costs of food, with increasingly sophisticated and mechanized techniques, and get rid of the small farmers, but it did not happen. The green revolution made by the 50s onwards to become the agriculture “a low cost food factory” is gradually failed because the Earth is not an inert mass from which we can “extract” food, but a living being and we urgently need to relate with it in a scientificspiritual way.

Today we have food products that have lost up to 90% of their nutritional value and a degraded land, I would say “terminally ill”, due to human foolishness and to any kind of pollution that is increasing every day. This scenario will always be worse if we do not act with awareness to reverse the suicidalhomicidal trend so well taken.

Today avoid contamination and poisoning the Earth with pesticides, artificial fertilizers and GMO seeds is not enough, but we need to take care of it and biodynamic agriculture has given and will give us the possibility of an healing essential for life on the planet.

Since several years I am growing the idea of creating a research center in biodynamic agriculture because in Italy, and in the world, there is little or nothing like this, and now we felt burning need and urgency of this like never before. This center will be neither Italian nor European, but a human center, a spiritualscientific center, for all citizens of the Earth, and I hope every person, every organization, every need, every idea and all hope of a conscious change could be linked with it.

We ask you to actively support this idea and help to create, through Agri.Bio Foundation, a research center in biodynamic farming methods trying to take care of healthy, accessible to all, lowcost study for fertilization, defense and regeneration of the seed as well as creating new and stronger relationships and synergies in the medical, educational, nutritional and social fields.

In 1924 Rudolf Steiner laid the foundations of biodynamic agriculture; that can be the best support of awareness, care and love that we can offer to the Earth and its inhabitants, unfortunately only partially, and potentially. We have a lot of work to do, because as Rudolf Steiner said in 1911 ” new forces will be shortly discovered and if these will be used in an

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immoral way the earth will soon become a corpse”. Nuclear energy was discovered 23 years later: today everyone can see and grasp the first obvious terrible signs.

The cost of the project “Agriculture of Tomorrow” is quantified in 2 million Euros, definitely a lot of money, but easily accessible if we work together and with full and clear awareness. By next spring we need to reach about €200,000.00 to buy the land where the center will be (re)built, and the rest shall be collected in the next three years to realize the center itself. The Foundation will be a center of scientificspiritual education, analysis and research, a veterinary medical center, a center for feed and restaurant and a press and communication center.

Let’s all have a nice Christmas gift for us and for the Earth! Contribute now to its birth!

All your donations and/or loan will be essential to launch the project. Any contact that you can find to expand the news and bring additional offerings will be a great help to reach the common goal. If you appreciate the scope of the initiative call me and send the attached form.

Voluntary work will also be welcome, like donations of products, vehicles, goods, and everything that can serve to the initiative. We also need help to communicate the news of the initiative.

On the site all your offerings will be visible, and (if desired) even the name of the Benefactor of the Earth. You will be informed on the project’s progress through a special newsletter.

Meetings will be organized to explain the value and purpose of the initiative and to raise funds, if you want to learn more, write us.

Please fill out the enclosed form and make your donation to Agri.Bio.Italia for the project “Save Mother Earth”, BANCA ALPI MARITTIME, IBAN CODE IT17N 08450 46270 0000 0012 5331, BIC CODE ICRAITMMCIO