Manual, crank and treadle dynamization machines for

Manual, crank and treadle dynamization machines for  BioDynamic Agriculture

Dynamization quality in biodynamic agriculture is the central and focal point, so that biodynamic preparations’ process is carried on as well as possible.

First of all, it is important to declare that dynamization is not only useful for biodynamic processes. Every herbal tea, every product used for the protection or the fertilization, or even the irrigation water itself works a lot better and its active ingredient’s quantity decreases, even if it is dynamized only for 20 minutes.

From personal experience, many people are interested in trying this method but they’re inhibited by the fear of hand-dynamizing for 60 minutes or by the high costs of an electric dynamization machine.

I studied, created and made available some new types of dynamization machines:

  • 4 types of manual dynamization machines adapted to different requirements
  • 2 manual crank dynamization machines, which solve the problem of stick use
  • the treadle Cyclo Din

These 7 dynamization machines preserve the relation between water and human spirit and it is possible to prepare the needed quantity of water in every type of dynamization machine.

  • Cucciolo Dyn, manual copper dynamization machine, containing at the maximum 8 litres (for an area of 2500 square metres) at 150.00 € + 22% VAT: (height) 39 cm x (weight) 3 kilos. With this dynamization machine it is possible to dynamize freely from 1 to 8 litres nearly effortless, with hands or with the stick
  • Dotto Dyn, manual copper dynamization machine, containig 18 litres (at the maximum for an area of 5000 square metres) at 235.00 € + 22% VAT; (height) 48 cm x (weight) 4.6 kilos. With this dynamization machine it is possible to dynamize from 3 to 16 litres effortless, with hands or with the stick
  • Eolo Dyn, manual copper dynamization machine, containing at the maximum 30 litres (for an area of 10,000 square meters) at 295.00 € + VAT; (height) 53 cm x (weight) 5.9 kilos. With this dynamization machine it is possible to dynamize from 3 to 30 litres with hands or with the stick
  • Gongolo Dyn, manual copper dynamization machine, containing at the maximum 75 litres (for an area of 2.5 hectars at the maximum) at 380.00 € + 22% VAT; (height) 73 cm x (weight) 10.3 kilos. With this dynamization machine it is possible to dynamize from 5 to 75 litres, with the stick
  • Il Basto Dyn, a wood stick, with a propeller that helps the water motion process, which can be hung by a chain.
  • Every dynamization machine is made of copper, which is 1 millimetre thick, related to its golden section. With its shape, it generates a vortex and it is reinforced so that it can resist to bumps and falls. It is nearly endless and indestructible. Transport costs are not included and they will be decided depending on your requests

To avoid the problem of stick or hand-dynamization and not to entrust the entire dynamization process to a machine, I created two types of crank dynamization machines. They are manual as well, but they reduce considerably the effort and the complexity of dynamization. They can be took in fields or wherever with no problem and they can dynamize from 2 to 120 litres of water at the same time.

The  DYN.MA.MA. BIG offers many interesting features:

  • One of the main aspects is that it can dynamize, by choice, from 5 to 120 litres of water, (to cover an area from 500 square metres to 4 hectars) with the same dynamization machine. This is absolutely impossible with a mechanical dynamization machine. The cost is 1950.00 € + 22% VAT; the size is 140 cm (height) x 85 cm (breadth) with crank included, and 46 kilos (weight).

These are its main features:

  • Physical efforts decrease by more than 70% and the dynamization act gets a lot easier • The truncated-conical shape of the dynamization machine, in relation with the golden section, generates the vortex and brings light and heat in the dynamized preparation • in the dynamization with the DI.MA.MA. every human being clearly expresses his presence, his soul and his spirit in the dynamization process • it is easy to replace who dynamizes (I think that the process itself improves a lot, if the people dynamizing interchange, because there are more human beings) • the vortex produced is fast and very deep: in the center there nearly is no more water (see the picture below) •in the phase of vortex breaking, you can rest and get the energy back by keeping the crank motionless • you can hear the sound of the dynamized water, both with the ear and with the noticeable decreasing of the physical effort to dynamize it. After some minutes you can hear the sound changing and its resistence lowering considerably (it is opened to the preparation’s process and it is humanized) • we can dynamize wherever we want to, without depending on an electric wire or with no necessity of hanging a stick to a scaffold, wich can move, get detached or else …. • it is also possible to use the dynamized preparation after many days (from my personal practical and experimental experience, a manual dynamized preparation can also last three weeks)
  • it is a great workout to develop muscles in a soft way, it is done in an ergonomic way (it substitutes the gym) and it is free. • thanks to this elegant, fluent and nice mechanism, and thanks to the absence of electrical forces, human beings will be very attracted by this dynamization machine • thanks to the DYN.MA.MA. the dynamization becomes an attractive and socially involving for other people: it becomes a great practical publicity medium for biodynamic • since copper is the new trend in biodynamization machines, the same container can be made of copper to order • anyway, as you will know, inox steel is an alloy of steel, coal and chrome: everyone probably knows the “new” evolutionary function of steel which R.Steiner talked about in many conferences, and everybody probably know the important functions of coal for the plant’s shape. This formative process is terribly missing in the farm field. Everybody should also know chrome properties, wich are more and more used in medicine to cure many diseases, since they found out that it encourages to metabolize carbohydrates, proteins and fat.

The  DYN.MA.MA. BABY offers the same features as the previous crank one, just the capacity changes. • it can dynamize, by choice, from 2 to 35 litres of water (to cover an area from 500 square metres to 4 hectars). This is absolutely impossible for a mechanical dynamization machine. The cost is 1750.00 € + 22% VAT, and transport costs are not included. The size is 140 cm (height) x 63 cm (width) with the crank included, and 27.5 kilos (weight).

The Cyclo Din  is a manual dynamization machine which is activated not by arms but by legs, through a treadle system which lets you reverse the vortex whenever you want, without changing the pedaling direction. This way, you have two advantages: biodynamized preparation by human energy and sport on a special stationary bicycle.

For any other consideration, information or doubt you can contact us.
Enjoy the dynamization!

                                           Ivo Bertaina president of Agri.Bio