Nowadays the need to build bridges and give birth to a fruitful exchange of ideas between different spiritual evolutionary experiences has become urgent. Therefore, we wish to stimulate interaction and create connections among groups and individuals who deal with spiritual evolution. In this way, we can overcome isolation, draw strength and support from such an exchange, and obtain a wider vision of the current spiritual movement. Furthermore, by putting to the service our own talents, starting from the single person and up to each population (given their specific history and mission), we can spread, seed and mature around the world.

It is vital that all participants should have at heart the following themes:

  • The central role of Christ
  • Reincarnation and karma
  • Coevolution of the four kingdoms (mineral, vegetable, animal and human)
  • Connection with the elementary beings and our departed
  • Establishment of work and study centers for individual and collective spiritual evolution
  • Debate on the concepts of Body, Soul, Spirit, Thought, Feeling and Will
  • The influence of obstacle forces, their physical expression and how to make their redemption possible
  • The future of mankind

The significance of this meeting ensues from the chance of letting people know that currently there are various people and groups that think and act by following common themes around the world. It also wishes to create connected and coordinated points of light and warmth in order to share a common future with the aim of creating a new spiritual and social body moved by burning and contagious COURAGE and ENTHUSIASM to be turn into concrete actions of SELFLESS LOVE.


The meeting will take place from December 26th to 29th 2019 at the headquarters of Agri. Bio located at the following address:



Via Generale Cappa, 45

12063 Dogliani (CN) – Italy


Together we will generate a New Conscious, Mindful and Moral process of humanity through Freedom, Love and Artistic Creation.

Hence, if you identify yourselves in these themes or if you need additional information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will send to you the preliminary programme, which can then be finalised together. Please consider that places are limited and that registration will close by November 20th 2019 at the latest.

Participation is free and with regard to meals and accommodation, we will find the most appropriate and cheapest options.


For info and reservations, you can reach us:

  • by e-mail: lacc@agribionotizie.it
  • by post: at our address (see above)
  • by phone: 0039 (0) 173 70407


Kind regards,


Ivo Bertaina



Ex Deo Nascimur

 In Christo Morimur

 Per Spiritum Sanctum Reviviscimus