The current crisis is not the result of an economic recession but it arises from the crisis of spiritual values, which in turn is due to the loss of contact with our real human roots.

The intense use of machinery makes human beings more and more isolated and suspicious towards other beings whereas humans truly and fully express themselves only through the direct relationship with each other, by using their limbs to create and their thoughts to perceive the images from the spiritual world, which is the “music of the spheres” as Plato called it.

Our Project takes place in a healthy, welcoming and friendly space so that we can work, study and rest by following human rhythms. In addition, it wishes to generate new social relationships aimed at re-humanizing ourselves.

The project springs from some fundamental common themes:

  • the central role of Christ
  • reincarnation and karma
  • coevolution of the four kingdoms (mineral, vegetable, animal and human)
  • connection with the elementary beings and our departed
  • establishment of work and study centers for individual and collective spiritual evolution
  • debate on the concepts of Body, Soul, Spirit, Thought, Feeling and Will
  • the influence of obstacle forces, their physical expression and how to make their redemption possible
  • the future of mankind

The basis of our study and work activities will be the Science of the Spirit brought to light by Rudolf Steiner. We will get to know each other by attending the following events:

  • From 25th to 27 October (Biosophia: the study of biography through the Science of the Spirit with Giorgio Tarditi Spagnoli)
  • From 22nd to 24th November (The Science of the Spirit and the destinies of the civilization with Andrea Franco)
  • From 6th to 8th December (The encounter with death: the unavoidable date with Ivo Bertaina)
  • From December 26th to 29th (meeting with communities and groups interested in spiritual evolution)
  • December 31st (preparation of Three King Preparation)


You are welcome to meet us, participate and exchange views at the headquarters of Agri.Bio in Dogliani (Cuneo, Italy).


We are looking for people with courage, enthusiasm, determination, and passion for life and for the others. People that wish to act together to find new solutions for communities on a human scale.

Anyone interested in attending these meetings can contact us or fill out the participation form enclosed here.